The Pre-Dental Society at LSU is a student organization geared toward those students who are interested in the fields of dentistry, dental hygiene and dental lab technology. Joining PDS is a great way to meet other pre-dental students, gain insights into dental careers and acquire information that will guide you along your path to dental or dental hygiene school.

Want to know more?
Be a part of the Pre-Dental Society at LSU by simply
attending any of our various meetings at 6:30PM in Life Sciences Annex Room A101!

Meetings dates for the Fall 2016 semester:

September 7th
September 27th – Smile Train rep, Caitlin Roarke
October 19th – Dr. Greg Folse
November 2nd – TBA
November 16th (specialty meeting) – Dr. Cheramie, Dean of Admissions LSUSD

Thursday, November 17th  Mock Interviews