Pre-Dental 101

Chalk Carving Tutorial

Pre-Dental 101 Conference: January 27, 2018

The Pre-Dental 101 Conference is a great opportunity for Pre-Dental and Pre-Hygiene students to tour the LSU School of Dentistry, meet faculty and
current students, and participate in hands-on workshops. This annual conference provides exposure to a variety of dental specialties
as well as information on the application process for dental school.

A huge thank you to all of the attendees of Pre-Dental 101: A Brush Up on Dentistry this year!

A special thanks goes out to Dean of the LSU School of Dentistry Dr. Gremillion, Dean of Admissions Dr. Cheramie,
LSU Pre-Dental Advisor Mr. Bowen, Director of Dental Hygiene Ms. Jane Walsh, and all of our sponsors.


Pictured from left to right:  
Pre-Dental Advisor Mr. Bowen, Treasurer Connor Allison, Media Representative Haley Miller, Service Coordinator Valentina Carillo,
Fundraising Coordinator Cece Hazard, President Catherine Wethey, Director of Membership Alaina Granier, 
Vice President Dylan Roberts, and LSUSD Dean of Admissions Dr. Toby Cheramie.
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